OMG!!!!! OMG!! OMG!!!

YES - Doing cartwheels all over the place :-) My images from Mark & Molly's amazing proposal in London has been selected and included in The 10 Most Epic Proposals From Around The World in 2017 over on the Flytographer blog.....wooooohhhhooooooo - YES YES! What an awesome between xmas + new year surprise <3 :-) xx


True Love.....

Looks like this!

rude not to have a leaf fight lol 

rude not to have a leaf fight lol 

I am BEYOND excited for Tom & Emma's wedding next year!!

A couple weeks ago I met Emma + Tom at their wedding venue and got the chance to explore and discuss photography for their wedding in detail with them. We conjured with sunny weather and shhh...a plan b just in case lol. Choosing spots for their private 'just married' pictures, groups images and pictures with friends and family + discussing how the day is going to flow. I'm so excited for next year, it's going to be gorgeous!!.

A haven of nooks and crannies, we had such fun dodging the rain drops, exploring hidden delights and being creative with costume changes + 'Boggin's' their lovely dog was a super model .

Thrilled to be Featured on Buzzed!!

Jumping for joy!! 

22 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Believe In True Love - Buzzfeed

Such a gorgeous afternoon in Notting Hill AND SO MUCH FUN!!! xx