Photo Workshop fun!!

Bells & Whistles

Deep in the gorgeous Hampshire countryside, intrepid adventures armed with their cameras and a great sense of humour last week explored their locale as we got to grips with our F-stops, shutter speed, ISO + the ingredients which go in to creating a photograph.

"good fun and we have learnt lots, and feel in control of our cameras again" Nelly

"good fun and we have learnt lots, and feel in control of our cameras again" Nelly

Cris + Nelly were super students as we spent the day improving skills and enjoying "Haleluya" moments :-) AND we got to work amongst a super beautiful setting with amazing details and plants!! 

Sometimes it's reconnecting the dots + allowing ourselves some space + time to reconnect with the process + then the craft of using our cameras, our eyes + thinking in a different way. Sometimes it's concentrating on what's right in front of us without distraction + allowing our subconscious to feel - "I know this! I know this...Ahh I got it" OR "ahh thats how it works!!" (Even if that process can feel like walking throughtreacle)

Cris created this awesome video below of some of her footage and pictures from our day + I just love it, so please take a peek! She's very clever!

Cris created this awesome video of our photography workshop - I LOVE it!! so fun that we're hiding from the camera lol ©CrisBlack2017

With Cris + Nelly we tailored the day specifically to their experience, level + aims for the day + all my photo workshops are tailored to each student and more often than not the handbook that accompanies a new camera or old camera that's being rediscovered, feels like it's written in gobbledygooke and until you get out there in the field/city/beach (delete as appropriate) the bits don't quite fit together.

Each location I teach in provides different gems and different challenges and is really exciting as we work our way through picture taking and the recipe involved in enabling us a greater understanding of our camera + pushing us out of our comfort zone + through boundaries.

I even managed to sneak a few pictures from our workshop below! :-) Enjoy xx

I have had so much fun taking stills since Friday and I have the confidence to try now! Thankyou