Friday afternoon LOVE confessionals.......turned in to Sunday night love vibes

AMY & JOHN - Sept 21st, 2019


Soooo. I have been trying to post this for days, literally since last Wednesday. Poor Amy she must be going crazy wondering where her lovely post is - well, here’s the thing - I have re-arranged, reshuffled, edited, added, taken away + NOTHING seemed to give (to me) adequate justice to just how much emotion and feelings were in John + Amy’s wedding. + esp The Romance, the Light!! + The love, until now.

Amy gave me so many beautiful compliments for her wedding photography I wanted to include this too as I had to re-read her lovely message a couple of times and sit down and read it over again. I always strive to do my best on each wedding day + each wedding day is a live event so anything can happen at any given moment and so to touch or make someone smile by capturing their day makes my heart burst x

“Oh my god Jackie,

I have been on an emotional rollercoaster this evening! I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL they all are!

I couldn't be happier, you captured the emotions, the atmosphere, the fun and made everything look soft and romantic and just stunning!


The ones of my dad's speech are so emotive and his face when I'm walking down the steps to him and I can't get over how beautiful the golden hour ones at the little fox are, you've made me look beautiful and John looks so handsome and they're such romantic pictures!

You're totally awesome as a photographer and a friend! You are such a positive ray of sunshine and it was so great to share all of my plans with you and for you to be a part of our day xxxxxx xxxx xxxx”


Getting ready, those fun and sometimes frantic moments of preparation and then THOSE moments when you’re in your dress + your brother arrives + you take his breath away. Matthew + their Dad shared duties of giving Amy away + they both did such an amazing job!!

In the stunning outdoor setting of Ness Gardens, Amy’s older brother walked her to their Dad and he walked Amy up the remainder of the Aisle towards John.


Open Air ‘I do’s’ + a very sophisticated bridal party!!


NOW THESE DETAILS!!!! Hello, rocking the blue, the wedding favours which were packets of seeds (epic) the cake topper and the flowers…so much romance interlaced.

THIS PICTURE! I get as a viewer of this blog you’re only seeing snippets of the entire day but I hope it conveys the romance and happiness + the feeling of family centred love and the speeches always hold a lot of pressure for those delivering them and cross the spectrum on funny, crazy, embarrassing + loaded so THIS picture makes me tear up every time .

Unsure if he would be able to deliver a speech, Amy’s dad has been a little poorly so he and her older brother shared the moment - a moment arrived when Dad felt he was able + there was not a dry eye in the house, the sentiment + love radiated from him + I need another tissue again now……..

As day merges in to evening, the light (AMAZING LIGHT!!) changes and guests mingle, chuckle, have fun and catch up I was able to scoot around + capture some family fun and THEN Amy + John took themselves off for a little walk…… divine + a peaceful breather before dancing, cake cutting and evening guests arrived……


First Dances can be soft r dramatic and I love how the blue lights capture these two perfectly and match their colour scheme!!!


Friday Night Confessionals......

HOW pretty is Bindi & Maarten’s wedding!!!!

Ahh and so Friday nights….September already and the weather is feeling crisp and warm all in the same day but Autumn is definitely on the way so it’s perfect (in my opinion) to be posting a wedding with such beautiful hues and tones and which had a day much like weather we are experiencing now, high chance of rain, clearing to heat and then super chilly evenings lol

Enough weather comparisons lol It’s the whole feeling of family love I LOVE about this wedding, and the details and the smoke and the colours and the love and did I mention the LOVE???? #sighs + I don’t think you’d guess the reception was in a grain store!!! or the cake constructed on site!! I know, it’s epic!!!

SUPER CONGRATULATIONS Bindi & Maarten xxxxxx


Friday Afternoon Confessionals - Friday Vibes

This week I’m sharing an adventurous, fearless, wild, brave spirit with a cheeky, compassionate soul.

‘Ellen the Adventurer’ (my new nik name for her). There was no tree un-climbed, no stretch of sand un touched as we rambled our way around Frensham Little Pond in Surrey a couple of late Monday evenings ago with two gorgeous dogs and fabulous Mum Maria in tow..

I recognise the tom boy spirit, that energy of youth + the props collected along the way came in VERY handy a little later on. We laughed, danced, ran + waded into the pond in the hope of capturing an awesome shot and not getting nibbled by the giant carp that inhabit the area.

The light, that summer light, later in the day, was divine and enriched colours + skin tones……bliss x


funnies + out takes……..

there are always funny moments, serious moments, moments of mania, dancing usually and lots of laughter and I am smiling sharing these moments in particular, the dancing and then the leggings rolled up to my knees in the water to get the shot because as we were walking I just in a split second saw a frame and knew if I ignored it I would regret it. The only way to get it was in the water too and hilariously Maria caught it! I am so pleased, I love behind the scenes ‘action’ pictures!! Thanks so much Maria xx

freedom feels like……….

freedom feels like……….

LAST Night I had a fun couples photo session in Notting Hill......

The Light was dreamy and as I waited I found these awesome gems!!!

The Churchill Arms - apparently the local of Winston Churchill’s grandparents

The Churchill Arms - apparently the local of Winston Churchill’s grandparents

Tuesday turned in to Wednesday

and whilst I was in the zone + flying with productivity, I started a blog post and by 7pm was custard lol I had to step away + eat + get some fresh air :-)

This morning I’ve taught a yoga class + worked out, fuelled up on beans on toast and caught hold of the day! So now, I’m sharing a few favourites from the super cute wedding a couple weeks ago - I love the drama of Black & White images and these make me smile :-)

Happy HUMP DAY everyone! Enjoy the laughter + love below x


Friday night confessional - Wedding Vibes!!

A lovely Hampshire Wedding…..


This morning I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding ceremony of a lovely friend of mine + his gorgeous bride in Hampshire! Such a treat + such a gorgeous blast of colour!! I’m super excited to go through and edit all the images but just wanted to share these two that jumped out at me immediately :-)


Also this week I wandered on down to The Goring Hotel in London (the most amazing corner of peaceful London) + caught up with an awesome friend just in town for a few days. The service and vibe here is amazing + I’ll definitely be popping back!!!

It’s been a great week of variety as yesterday I also captured the moment PPF in Croydon presented MIND Croydon with a cheque for £10,000 + this was so special to hear about all the fundraising and hard work that had gone in to raising the money and where it will be utilised.

PPF presenting MIND Croydon

PPF presenting MIND Croydon

Phew well as Friday draws to a close, I’m loving these Friday Night Confessionals and am gearing up for the weekend, have a great one! xx