YES! Mother & Daughter time!

Becomes even more important when you live at other ends of the country!


This image pretty much SUMS UP our photo session - SO MUCH FUN & SO MUCH Laughter!!!

These ladies were so great to photograph and we got to wander around Kensington Gardens (which is one of my favourite places in London). So fantastic to create memories and so much laughter and fun

Thank you so much xx "Just had my first look at our photographs. Love them. So very pleased with them. You are a great photographer xxxxxxx" Kathy Tallentire

Margate ROCKS!!

Heart is FULL, LOVE Margate!!!!!!


This past weekend was full of joy and delight as I headed to Margate to photograph the gorgeous wedding of David & Dennise <3 at an 800 year old church followed by roof top cocktails and a super special reception at their own pub! This is just a snippet.....more to follow just as soon as I've finished editing their amazing day xx

What an excellent adventure.....

July 2nd, 2017

I have driven MILES!!!

Ive also just polished off a pot of Ben & Jerry's dairy free ice cream, thank god I can't get it at home lol

So, Boston to Tivoli, upstate NYC, then to Princeton New Jersey and Philly, from Philly to Cape Cod then Cape Cod to Maine. Phew I think or at least I feel like I've driven more in the last week than in the last year at home lol it has been EPIC!! I've taken yoga classes in 2 new studios, caught up with old friends, sat by the pool, searched through antique markets for fun curios and treated myself to 'Lush' bath scubs because after 8 hours in a car I needed to help the circulation around the whole of my body and smell good!!

Driving thru NYC and the Bronx Expressway :-) heading north to my photo 'home'

Driving thru NYC and the Bronx Expressway :-) heading north to my photo 'home'

A menagerie of snaps from my phone of part of my adventures.

It was great to be present whilst away and feel connected to the things around and not just right in front of me Lol I've posted on Instagram and that's about it. I haven't listened to the news or allowed it to be the first thing I turn on at the start of the day and I feel like I got my life back! I guess a bit of a digital detox, once again I'm thrilled again by life and the adventures it holds rather than exhausted by the things I'm listening to......LONG MAY THIS CONTINUE!! 


Featured on The Knot's "How He Asked"!

Super thrilled and delighted to share with you that my images have been featured over on The Knot

How He Asked 

Braydon, 'Flytographer' and I had planned this for a little while, skyping and emailing and it's so fun to see it from Ryan's perspective as she had no idea what had been planned or was unfolding....

"Walking up to the entrance was like a fairytale. The ponds and beautiful visions of green were unreal. I had never seen ponds with real lily pads – I was so taken aback by it all. Braydon took a few pictures of me on his phone near the ponds and then pointed out a fountain nearby with an even better view. We headed that way and we took a selfie in front of the fountain. Then, he said, ‘Let me get one of just you.’ He took a step back and as I posed for the picture, I realized Braydon was on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring in his hand".

I kissed my new fiancé and shortly after, a woman walked up to us holding a camera. She introduced herself as Jackie, our Flytographer. It turned out she was blending in among tourists the whole time and captured the moments of the proposal. The selfie we took in front of the fountain was the cue that Braydon was about to propose. Braydon let me know that Jackie and he had been emailing and Skyping to plan this all, along with his mom sending that last-minute email for a change in fancier attire. All this planning that he put into the proposal made me fall in love with him all over again.

Heart silhouettes infront of Kensington Gardens

Heart silhouettes infront of Kensington Gardens

Jackie brought out some Prosecco for us and began to take some awesome engagement photos. As we were walking to another spot in the gardens, Braydon’s family arrived and I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed to see their faces, knowing I was going to be a part of such an amazing family that I’ve loved for so long. For the next few hours, we had a blast getting our photos taken as a family. When we were finally wrapped up, I called my parents and they were so happy, and completely unsurprised, but the waterworks still came. As much as I couldn’t wait to see them back home, I was so excited for the whole week we still had ahead of us in London. We all went to dinner and had the best sushi and some delicious cocktails that were perfect for toasting. We ended the night the best way we knew how, popping champagne and having a dance party in the hotel room. It was a day I could relive over and over, it was an absolute dream come true.

Thrilled to be Featured on Buzzed!!

Jumping for joy!! 

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Such a gorgeous afternoon in Notting Hill AND SO MUCH FUN!!! xx