She Said YES!!!

When you're one of the few to know a proposal is coming...(it's an amazing feeling!!)

Last February I ran a photography workshop + my student shared with me he was going to propose to his girlfriend. I was beyond excited!! I love the excitement and nerves of knowing a proposal is coming and the planning and the details and the ring and of course the "YES"!!

So fast forward many months from our conversation and knowing they are in New York City I smile wondering how things are going and IF anything has happen when I receive a photo and this message below!!!


I screen shot the message because I was smiling and beaming from ear to ear at the picture they sent me + the joy + excitement on their faces AND then because they asked if I would be their photographer right away!!

+ here I am writing this post to share with you just what that meant.

I see love in so many different ways every time I pick up my camera and photograph people, you can't not. Love varies day to day and person to person but it's there + it's magic + to be asked to be someones wedding photographer is pure brilliance. It's one of my most favourite things ever I LOVE WEDDINGS!!

To be asked to be their photographer right after their proposal is beyond memorable. Being in on a proposal plan is enchanting and thrilling all at the same time. To be trusted with that information on something so personal + something life changing always makes me tingle.

I've been writing 3 things I'm grateful for each night, not because I need to lift myself out of the January blues, although that would be an excellent way if I had them, but because it's important to remember and be appreciative of the people in our lives, the part we play in theirs + the footprints we leave as we go x

Life in Print!

We're in PRINT, TWICE :-) 

'Your London Wedding' magazine has featured two of my wonderful couples in their latest issue (March/April 2017) and an article which says a photographer is not just for your wedding but for your life journey.

So chuffed and proud to be featured as one of London's top photographers! #beaming

A fun proposal for flytographer featured on their blog!

I'm just so thrilled to share this blog post from the amazing Flytographer website! This was such a fun proposal to capture for Flytographer and these two wonderful ladies. There were so many special and very personal details (The Blue door is from a favourite all time film, Notting Hill - the movie), the ring...actually everything! Please grab a tea and header to the blog to check it out xx

Notting Hil, London

Notting Hil, London