Friday Night Confessionals......

HOW pretty is Bindi & Maarten’s wedding!!!!

Ahh and so Friday nights….September already and the weather is feeling crisp and warm all in the same day but Autumn is definitely on the way so it’s perfect (in my opinion) to be posting a wedding with such beautiful hues and tones and which had a day much like weather we are experiencing now, high chance of rain, clearing to heat and then super chilly evenings lol

Enough weather comparisons lol It’s the whole feeling of family love I LOVE about this wedding, and the details and the smoke and the colours and the love and did I mention the LOVE???? #sighs + I don’t think you’d guess the reception was in a grain store!!! or the cake constructed on site!! I know, it’s epic!!!

SUPER CONGRATULATIONS Bindi & Maarten xxxxxx