MARCH is here!!! :-)

WOW, Spring is almost here and this month is bustling with excitement already!!

Last week I had a fab photo shoot in West London with awesome fitness professionals and my 2017 wedding season began on Sunday! here are some snaps below :-) Have a great week everyone xx 

TOMORROW MARCH 8th is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY + the 'Ladies First' exhibition opens in Croydon!! Look forward to seeing you there xx

I quite like this...

Looking at light...finding beauty in the shadows, don't worry not as dark as it sounds and I'm the furthest from depressed you could be right now. I'm just seeing new things in new ways which make me dance a little inside :-) 

Kitchen envy lol (I LOVE my kitchen) but every once in a while I'm sitting in a kitchen with an island or work station (which I'd LOVE) + am captivated by the view and pieces of the kitchen which burst character...this is blue heaven + I just want to share its beauty xx

still life's whilst waiting for a shoot to start

So I'm just hanging out, early Tuesday morning waiting for my shoot to start upstairs and I notice how pretty the light looks and how in this usually busy pub, it's silent save for me and the barman camera meets my eye and I record what I see, pretty stillness....I feel like Karen Harvey should be with me (of shutter hub and blog fame) wherever she goes she fills her instagram feed with obscure wonderful finds which are a delight to see and very inspiring - maybe she's been rubbing off :-) 

Pretty pink ceiling shades, tea cups, wood, grey paint...I mean, how divine! what more could I ask for x