London Engagements.......

I LOVE weddings AND I LOVE capturing Proposals!

If you were at a talk I gave recently, you would have seen I was about ready to burst with delight mentioning's why......I stood up after the amazing Kate O'Neil had presented and fabulously announced "If you can shoot weddings, you can shoot anything!" YEP, absolutely! I beamed listening to her describe weddings as every possible photographic event on one day (Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, get the gist). It's true!

I still LOVE photographing weddings, I love that it pushes my creativity, I LOVE that I get to interact with people ALL day, some peoples idea of hell, my idea of Heaven!! I love that I set the scene with Landscape pictures. Capture the details and stillness in my still life pictures and get to smile ALL day long whilst capturing and creating moments between two people that will last long after their wedding day. I get to chatter and banter with all the guests when I take their pictures, their laughter and cheekiness, hilarity and fun. I get to set up some pretty awesome lo light / dark pictures using giant sparklers and a wall or my tripod. This summer I have a mix of destination and English countryside weddings to capture, hurrah!! I'm so excited!!

I REALLY LOVE capturing the surprise, the shock and the delight during a proposal too......The start of a new journey together and an amazing chapter in two peoples lives.

Allan & Gaufaloupe visited London in June from beautiful Brazil. Guadeloupe had wanted to visit and see Phantom of the Opera as a small girl and her very thoughtful soon to be fiance organised secretly and totally under the radar, for me to be at Her Majesty's Theatre ready to capture his proposal. OMGoodness......super delightful. Allan proposed inside in a private room and then we went outside before curtain up to capture some more special moments!! These smiles!!! Their looks of love and delight...Congratulations Allan & Guadeloupe, wishing you both an amazing future together xx