Hello January!!

And just like that....we begin a new year...full of eager anticipation and excitement for what's in-store!

A friend shared this content and I just loved it, I soaked it up and it really resonated with me, so much so that I've already re-read it more than a few times...so..I'm sharing it to make the start of the NEW YEAR, a time for us all to connect, reconnect, smile and reach out and help one another when we can.

 (This image was't supplied with the writing, I just LOVED it + wanted to share xx)

(This image was't supplied with the writing, I just LOVED it + wanted to share xx)

“You can have flaws, be anxious, and even be angry, but do not forget that your life is the greatest enterprise in the world.

Only you can stop it from going bust. Many appreciate you, admire you and love you. Remember that to be happy is not to have a sky without a storm, a road without accidents, work without fatigue, relationships without disappointments. To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hope in battles, security in the stage of fear, love in discord.

It is not only to enjoy the smile, but also to reflect on the sadness. It is not only to celebrate the successes, but to learn lessons from the failures. It is not only to feel happy with the applause, but to be happy in anonymity. Being happy is not a fatality of destiny, but an achievement for those who can travel within themselves. To be happy is to stop feeling like a victim and become your destiny's author. It is to cross deserts, yet to be able to find an oasis in the depths of our soul. It is to thank God for every morning, for the miracle of life. Being happy is not being afraid of your own feelings. It's to be able to talk about you. It is having the courage to hear a "no". It is confidence in the face of criticism, even when unjustified.

It is to kiss your children, pamper your parents, to live poetic moments with friends, even when they hurt us. To be happy is to let live the creature that lives in each of us, free, joyful and simple. It is to have maturity to be able to say: "I made mistakes". It is to have the courage to say "I am sorry". It is to have the sensitivity to say, "I need you". It is to have the ability to say "I love you".

May your life become a garden of opportunities for happiness ... That in spring may it be a lover of joy. In winter a lover of wisdom. And when you make a mistake, start all over again. For only then will you be in love with life. You will find that to be happy is not to have a perfect life.

But use the tears to irrigate tolerance. Use your losses to train patience. Use your mistakes to sculpture serenity. Use pain to plaster pleasure. Use obstacles to open windows of intelligence.

Never give up .... Never give up on people who love you. Never give up on happiness, for life is an incredible show.”
Pope Francis

Have a GREAT Year everyone + See you soon! xx

Photo Workshop fun!!

Bells & Whistles

Deep in the gorgeous Hampshire countryside, intrepid adventures armed with their cameras and a great sense of humour last week explored their locale as we got to grips with our F-stops, shutter speed, ISO + the ingredients which go in to creating a photograph.

 "good fun and we have learnt lots, and feel in control of our cameras again" Nelly

"good fun and we have learnt lots, and feel in control of our cameras again" Nelly

Cris + Nelly were super students as we spent the day improving skills and enjoying "Haleluya" moments :-) AND we got to work amongst a super beautiful setting with amazing details and plants!! 

Sometimes it's reconnecting the dots + allowing ourselves some space + time to reconnect with the process + then the craft of using our cameras, our eyes + thinking in a different way. Sometimes it's concentrating on what's right in front of us without distraction + allowing our subconscious to feel - "I know this! I know this...Ahh I got it" OR "ahh thats how it works!!" (Even if that process can feel like walking throughtreacle)

Cris created this awesome video below of some of her footage and pictures from our day + I just love it, so please take a peek! She's very clever!

Cris created this awesome video of our photography workshop - I LOVE it!! so fun that we're hiding from the camera lol ©CrisBlack2017

With Cris + Nelly we tailored the day specifically to their experience, level + aims for the day + all my photo workshops are tailored to each student and more often than not the handbook that accompanies a new camera or old camera that's being rediscovered, feels like it's written in gobbledygooke and until you get out there in the field/city/beach (delete as appropriate) the bits don't quite fit together.

Each location I teach in provides different gems and different challenges and is really exciting as we work our way through picture taking and the recipe involved in enabling us a greater understanding of our camera + pushing us out of our comfort zone + through boundaries.

I even managed to sneak a few pictures from our workshop below! :-) Enjoy xx

I have had so much fun taking stills since Friday and I have the confidence to try now! Thankyou

XMAS MARKET - December 2nd 2015!!

DECEMBER 2nd!! 5pm-9pm AT Victoria Market, 42 Francis St, London SW1P 1QW (Map Attached xx) I'll be exhibiting at this awesome XMAS MARKET + possibly freezing my touche off lol xx

This is super close to Victoria Station - so pop in on your way home!! The market is full of amazing artist makers with TONS of gorgeous presents for xmas! Some of us are QEST Scholars who specialise in traditional crafts and were fortunate in being awarded scholarships to pursue training in our fields (the quality is super high!!)

I'll be displaying my gorgeous photo packages, selling vouchers for sessions next year, running a competition and promoting ‪#‎SmallBusinessSaturday‬‪#‎thiscan‬'tbemissed!! please share with friends and family and DEFINITELY come say "HI" grin emoticon

OH! + it's outside so please bring warm hugs and hot water bottles lol grin emoticon

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Wildlife Workshop

I've been working with a student organizing her workflow and introducing her to 'Adobe Lightroom' to streamline her time and image management. She's a fantastic wildlife photographer and getting out and about with her to hold our workshop in the field recently was the perfect start to a September morning! 

There were no spectacular sunrises, no streaks of colour illuminating the horizon or slow moody mists BUT there we were, hiking up a Hampshire hill and I was introduced to a rare british butterfly, the first sniffs of Autumn and the first colors of a new season. What a joy! There is nothing this country girl loves than donning her wellies and getting out in the fresh air. Whilst Donna set about fulfilling her challenge (I like to set a challenge or two) I came across wonderful colours and berries, cobwebs and unusual looking plants - my macro lens was in heaven! :-)