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YES - Doing cartwheels all over the place :-) My images from Mark & Molly's amazing proposal in London has been selected and included in The 10 Most Epic Proposals From Around The World in 2017 over on the Flytographer blog.....wooooohhhhooooooo - YES YES! What an awesome between xmas + new year surprise <3 :-) xx


Remembering Mary Ellen Mark

Yesterday power house photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away, she was hugely inspirational and I just want to share a few images from one of her books in case ure not familiar with her work :-)

I was lucky to take a workshop with her in Maine way back in 2001 after being introduced to her work whilst I was working on a feature film + the professional photographer I met told me it would "change my life". I researched Mary Ellen Mark diligently + was in awe - she'd won an award every year since I'd been born and her work blew my mind. 

The week spent in Maine was tough + challenging + one of the most amazing, it did change my life, had I not have taken the class I wouldn't have ended up in Maine changing my career path + becomming a photographer, I wouldn't have had any idea about what goes in to being a photographer or met such a force of nature in Mary Ellen Mark. 

Her spirit was strong, decisive, determined, her stature + dress - tall with jet black hair and black clothes slightly intimidating and the last night of our course we all had dinner together + went to the movies to watch a film she raved about ('Amores Perros' - 'Loves a Bitch' with Gael Garcia Bernal) it was the coolest film I'd ever seen at that time + the beers and wines we drank made our tutor sparkle. 

Mary Ellen Mark was and always will be a photo hero and a profound inspiration + it's a sad day she is no longer here to capture life in her immutable way, love + light go to her + her family xx