YES! Mother & Daughter time!

Becomes even more important when you live at other ends of the country!


This image pretty much SUMS UP our photo session - SO MUCH FUN & SO MUCH Laughter!!!

These ladies were so great to photograph and we got to wander around Kensington Gardens (which is one of my favourite places in London). So fantastic to create memories and so much laughter and fun

Thank you so much xx "Just had my first look at our photographs. Love them. So very pleased with them. You are a great photographer xxxxxxx" Kathy Tallentire

For working on those frosty, sunny, gorgeous days


DJ Alex Cudeyo has been my fav DJ for a while now and there are some of his sessions on YouTube I play over + over + over and today I have this one on (link above) + it's totally making me smile whilst I catch up, get ready for next week (+ do a few chores) so I suddenly thought it would be fun to share! 
Crank it up HIGH + boogie about :-)  ** Have a FAB Saturday xx